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How to use a face primer correctly

Why has the makeup disappeared from my face? If you find yourself asking this question within a couple of hours into your night out, then your answer lies with a primer. Or the lack of it. Makeup, no matter how immaculate, is going to disappear before you know it, without a primer. This magic potion has the key to keeping your look impeccable until the end of the day or night. Yes, your foundation may be supremely luxurious, but it will not stand the test of time without a primer to support it. Let’s take a closer look at this indispensable primer and the way to use it. 



Makeup Primer 101

A makeup primer is ideally the first product that should be applied to the face, after it is cleansed and moisturized. Consider it the shield that protects your skin on the inside and your makeup on the outside. As a pre-makeup base, the primer ensures that the makeup does not seep into your pores, preventing breakouts and reduces the appearance of fine lines, prominent pores, blemishes and an uneven skin texture. It aids your foundation to glide onto the skin flawlessly and stay on target. All this and more is a work of art embedded into the humble primer. 

Primer is Paramount

Don’t let its subtlety fool you. Makeup primer is critical in getting your makeup to stand the test of time. Often misconceived as an avoidable step in makeup, one quick application can make all the difference. It may not be an anti-aging product, but it’s a sure shot way to make your skin look instantly younger and softer. When it comes to pores, however small they may be, a liquid foundation sometimes tends to bring them out. The primer recognizes this and fixes it by significantly reducing the appearance of pores. 

Try it and once and you’re sure to be hooked. It’s one of those products that takes the slogan ‘beauty on the inside and out’ quite seriously, by maintaining skin care while keeping your makeup whole. Flawless skin, accentuated with flawless makeup. Now that’s more that most makeup products can offer.

Ready to Apply? Here’s How

You know the benefits, now here’s the process. The application, if done right, enhances the benefits. Once you have completed your cleansing and moisturizing, all you need is the primer and clean fingers. Before you begin application, give your skin some time to soak in the moisturizer. Once ready, squeeze a pea size amount of the primer onto the back of your hand and apply it across your face, starting to blend from the nose and moving in an outward direction. As you blend, wait for the magic to happen. Voila! Your skin is suddenly significantly more radiant and even toned. 

For those of you who prefer to keep it simple, the primer has already done the job for you. If foundation is the next step in your makeup routine, then give the primer a few minutes to really blend in and create a smooth home for the oncoming foundation. Don’t be surprised if your pores and fine lines have disappeared. That is just the primer doing its job to perfection. 

Primer Pointers:

So, you have now fallen in love with the primer. Here are a few tips to keep the love growing:

•    Your primer is generous, you just need a tad to get the job done. Use a pea-sized amount and blend away.
•    As much as you may love the primer, always cleanse and moisturize before you turn to it.
•    Don’t deprive the skin around your eyes from the primer. Let the magic spread to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.
•    Be gentle while blending the primer and watch the primer thank you back. Its super light texture will make your skin feel weightless and flawless.

All this and More

A makeup primer works for all skin types. Dry skin is protected with its hydrating properties, while oily skin is aided with its mattifying effect. The primer offers more than superficial coverage, and works to help the skin reduce oil production. Acne-prone skin is guarded by creating a layer between the foundation and skin to avoid clogging pores. Finally, our primer is embedded with nourishing agents that understand the needs of the skin and offer them just that. 

Whether you’re looking to create a smooth base for your makeup, or to define a flawless skin tone by covering flaws and fine lines, your primer has got you covered. Prepare yourself to witness velvety soft skin with a glow that lasts longer. You’ll feel the subtle softness within and receive the compliments forthright. Think no more! Easily blend in the  Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer and enjoy the show. 

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