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A Primer is the secret to make your makeup last longer

No it’s not your skin type, neither are you putting your makeup on wrong. The reason why that makeup just won’t stay for as long as you want it to, is just one critical factor…it’s missing the base of a primer. Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Considering that you have done all the conventional prepping of cleansing and moisturizing before you start your makeup journey, the primer should be your new addition. One that will promptly transform into the most essential item in your dress up regime. 

The obvious perk is that this little agent will give your makeup a more professional feel and last as long as you need it to, but there are many other significant advantages to the makeup primer. It is the one makeup product that actually aids in skin care. Surprised? Wait until you try it for yourself. The primer strategically places itself between the skin and the foundation, to ensure that your pores remain makeup free and keeps clogging at bay. What’s more is that it has nourishing properties that work towards repairing blemishes and reducing the size of pores. 

Discovering the Primer

A tube of luxury, the Lakme Absolut Blur Perfect Primer is created to shield your skin by creating a luxuriously soft layer between the skin and the makeup. Working double time, the primer then enhances the makeup by allowing it to glide on flawlessly and making sure it stays that way. Unlike certain instances, where the liquid foundation makes pores appear bigger than they are; this primer reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, blemishes and spots and enhances the skin tone and smoothness. 

Appreciating the Primer

Once you witness your skin radiating through the illuminating properties of the primer, you know you are hooked. The glow from this primer is luminous enough to work independently for those of you who want to keep your look simple.

If you’ve got an extravagant occasion planned, the primer is your sheen and shield partner. While providing a lustrous look, it will champion the art of endurance. Oily skin can be mattified, dry skin can be nourished, and your day can only get better. With a guarding agent that reduces oil production, and a hydrating feature that provides continual moisture, this primer is everything and more.

Everything uneven is a thing of the past. This includes acne bumps. But they’re not just hidden through the primer, they are also healed by blocking the makeup from clogging the pores and increasing breakouts. Whatever the skin woe, makeup primer is the healer. 

Pollution, bright lights, UV rays and bad weather are all precursors that cause us to spend exuberantly on creams towards skin care. That is the cure. The primer, however, is the precaution. It’s protection properties encompass other makeup products and extend themselves to environmental damage on the skin. Keep the damage at bay by using a primer every day.

Embracing the Primer

Let the primer spread its influence all around your face. This includes the delicate area around the eyes, where crow’s feet and fine lines can sometimes be accentuated with liquid foundation. Watch this area of the skin transform immaculately to offer a smooth and radiant texture. Not to mention, that eye makeup is going to stay put like never before. Yes, no more creases from the eye shadow. Instead, your shadow and liner will be magnified subtly, yet perfectly. Witness everyone’s eyes catching yours.

While you appear glorious on the outside, the primer is actively working on the deeper level of your skin to repair, rehydrate and refresh it. A good primer is one that can multi-task, and we’ve got just the one. From anti-aging nourishments, to blemish fighting and pore reducing properties, this super power is one that every woman needs to get armored with. The little bottle holds the power to carry you through the day with nothing else on. For a simple, makeup-free look, the primer is all you need to keep glowing all day. 

Always ensure that you put on the primer after the regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Right after this, squeeze a small amount of primer (usually a raisin size) onto the back of your hand and start blending from the center of your face toward the outside. If you find it easier, you can use a clean brush to blend the primer in around your eyes. Allow your primer a whole minute of alone time on your face, before you begin any additional make up. You’re fully protected now. Go wild with that makeup. 

Plan that long luxurious brunch, take off on a day trip without the stress of makeup fading away. Your beauty goals are now just a tube away!

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