Am To Pm Looks That Were On The Job At LFW Winter Festive 2019

We’ve all got the memo. It’s no longer a 9-5 world and the new daily grind is an undertaking that goes from 9-9 and beyond. 
Keeping up although has never looked so good and beauty is an integral part of this new-age work and play mix. Beauty regimens have amped up and are no longer a thing of drudgery given the cornucopia of innovation out there, LFW Winter Festive 2019 included. So here’s the MOM on the best work-wear looks of the season.


When choosing a palette to use on loop everyday go for a matching nude on the lips and eyes but a few shades brighter than your natural skin tone for a casual yet polished glow. Seal the deal with a luminous blush on the cheeks in the same shade. 


Our favourite, your favourite the bold scarlet lip is that expert ally that transitions fluidly from an efficient team-player to a wingman as you make your way from the high-powered boardroom to painting the town red. 
Keep the face neutral and the eyes done up in nude with just a liner to define.    


When walking the fine line between diva and boss woman at corporate after-hours smokey eye should be on the agenda. A gleaming black and brown smokey complemented by a heady mix of coral lips and generous blush on the cheeks is high glam, statement making yet not over ambitious. 

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