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How To Compliment Your Eye and Lip Look

The usual makeup mantra is to focus on one feature only. Well, we’re here to tell you, not anymore! If you intend to go bold with your eyes and lip look simultaneously, we’ll show you how to do it. If you’re looking to master the winged look with the perfect lip combination, we’ll show you how it’s done. Finally, if you’re a fan of the glossy, we’ll show you how to master that as well. All you need to know about mix and match and more.

Beautifully Bold

Accentuate your eyes and lips in style, and get it right. To start off, keep your face as minimal as possible with LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE 3D COVER FOUNDATION to give your face a fresh natural glow, without looking made up. Keep your hair effortless. Now, for the fun part. If you’re selecting a bright bold shade for the lip, opt for LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE 3D LIPSTICK ROMEO RED/ PINK FROST, which offers an overall matte look with true sensuality. Yes, the eyes can be bold too, with any shimmery shade from LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE INFINITY EYE SHADOW PALLETE - CORAL SUNSET, along with subtle wings with LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE KOHL ULTIMATE. Why stop here? Continue to add drama with LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE FLUTTER SECRETS DRAMATIC EYES MASCARA. The trick with this look is to use a bright colour only on the lip and stick to a shimmery shadow shade. 

Wonderfully Winged

When you’re in the mood for some wings, the best way to do it is by applying a subtle matte shade of eye shadow from LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE INFINITY EYE SHADOW PALLETE - SOFT NUDES and glide it gently over the eye lid and slightly higher if you like. Once its set, LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE KOHL ULTIMATE is your go to winging product. When the eyes speak this language, it is best to allow the lip to exuberate a subtle pout with LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE 3D LIPSTICK PEACH PINCH OR BRITISH BROWN. Be prepared to receive some pretty serious compliments. 

Glowingly Glossy

Luminous skin with plum lips and metallic eyes is everything you need and more for this gorgeously glowing look. Initiate it with a luxurious blend of LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE ARGAN OIL SERUM FOUNDATION that will make your face shine like liquid gold. Blush the cheeks and eye lids with a matching shade from LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE INFINITY EYE SHADOW PALLETE – CORAL SUNSET and LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE FACE STYLIST BLUSH DUOS. Finally, choose a plum hue from the LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE 3D LIPSTICK shades and shine away!

romeo-red romeo-red


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