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Here's How to Master The Art of Intense Smokey Eyes

We are all big fans of the red lips, face contouring and the winged eyes. These classic looks have held their place for sometime now. However, there is a special place in the makeup world for the bold and brazen smokey eye. It works as an attention grabber in every positive way there is. Perfecting the art of this timeless look is easier said than done. Follow our guidelines and turn into the smokey eye expert that you’ve always wanted to be.

Shading Right For The Night

Choose a highlight colour for the brow bone from LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE INFINITY EYE SHADOW PALLETE - MIDNIGHT MAGIC. Usually, this should be the lightest shade from the selection of hues that are going to go into creating your smokey eyes. Then one shade darker can be used to glide along the below the highlight, up until where the crease of the eyelid begins. Next is the eyelid, where another shade darker can be set on in a wiper-like motion. Lastly, use the LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE KOHL ULTIMATE smudge around the lash line, both upper and lower. Blend it like you mean it and you’ll end up with pure perfection. 

Going Bare for Day Wear

When looking for a softer version of the smokey eye, stay closer to the top lash line and blend it with a shade from the LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE INFINITY EYE SHADOW PALLETE - CORAL SUNSET and limit the use of the kohl to the inside waterline of the eye. Skip the bottom lash line all together and you’ll end up with a subtle, yet glamorous version of the smokey eye. 

Hacking The Black/Red Combo

For this look, keep the face as minimal as possible. Use the LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE KOHL ULTIMATE and blend all along the eye lid and lower lash line. Then bring out your LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE 3D LIPSTICK RED CARNIVAL and indulge in a highly definitive look of sultry oomph!

romeo-red romeo-red

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