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How To Achieve Ramp-Worthy Blotted Berry Lips In 3 Simple Steps

Lipstick has had quite a journey, from harsh outlines in the ’90s to creamy, matte, liquid, and now metallic and glitter formulas. Over-outlined, perfectly filled-in, and plush glossy lips, we have seen them all. Among these, the backstage blotted lip trend is probably going to be your favourite.

A variation of the ombré and gradient lipstick trend that made waves in Korea, the blotted lip will remind you of a subtle stain left behind after a long day of wearing lipstick. The more lived in, the better. There’s something almost sensual about the look as if your lips were just bitten. The subtly stained lip not only looks wonderful in person but it photographs well too. Pair it with a muted makeup look for an overall soft-focus effect.

Creating this smudgy lip is really easy, just dab, pat, and blot until it looks imperfect! The goal here is to make your lipstick look a little faded. You can use almost any lipstick formula to create the look but keep in mind that it’s not going to be long-wearing.

Here’s a quick and easy blotted lip tutorial:

1) Using the Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Matte Sticks Lipstick in Berry Land a sheer wash of colour to your lips. Remember, you want the lipstick to look like a light stain and not a bright wash of colour. So, don’t use too much product.

2) Use your fingers or a small fluffy eyeshadow brush to achieve the faded look.

3) Next, use your fingers to blur out the edges of the lipstick.

4) Finally, apply more colour to the centre of your lips and build up the colour until you have achieved that perfectly imperfect lip.

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Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Matte Sticks Lipstick 13 shades
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