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Eyeliner Styles for the Bold and the Beautiful

A staple product in almost every woman’s vanity is an eyeliner. Let’s face it, almost every woman’s tryst with makeup starts with it. An eyeliner is easy to use, defines your eyes, and pulls your entire look together. And, whether you’re a makeup aficionado or a newbie, there’s a lot you can do with this makeup must-have. Bold, classic, edgy or subtle, there’s an eyeliner trend for every girl out there. And, if you’re stuck in a makeup rut, a new drawing style is just what the experts advise.


Here are 5 eyeliner styles that will bring out your bold, beautiful, and edgy personality!


A classic, humble eyeliner is easy to master for most beginners. A thin line across your eyelid, starting from your inner corner and ending just short of your outer corner, is what we call the classic eyeliner style. If you want to draw some attention to your eyes, ditch the regular black liner for a coloured eyeliner pencil like the Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Gel Eye Liner in Aqua Blue. It’s a gorgeous blue eyeliner that is the perfect choice for women with brown eyes.


A slight upgrade of the classic eyeliner would be the winged eye. Also known as the cat eye, this eyeliner style is feminine, feline, and pretty fierce. It’s one of those styles that instantly shifts the focus to your eyes without having to do too much. A subtle winged eye and some mascara is a great everyday makeup look for work. And, you can take the same look from day to night by creating a thicker and bolder line, and adding a few coats of the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Volume Mascara. Use an eyeliner pencil with a felt tip like the Lakmé Absolute Precision Liner, which has an easy grip, gives you more control, and requires just one stroke.


A double winged eyeliner is a great way to take your eye makeup to the next level. Just draw a line above or below your regular winged eyeliner, and you’re done. If you feel like you want to add some more drama, extend the liner at the inner corner or use two different coloured eyeliners. The Lakmé Absolute Shine Line in Shimmery Bronze is perfect for this edgy look.


A simple yet statement eye look, coloured eyeliner is all the rage right now. It’s perfect for a no-makeup day as well as a bold makeup look. Pick colours that work well with Indian skin tones like green, blue, and brown. The Kareena Kapoor Khan By Lakmé Absolute Eye Definer in Cobalt is a stunning blue that looks good on brown eyes as well as coloured ones.


Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this graphic eyeliner style screams rebel. There are no rules here, just draw geometric triangles, and lines, across your eye in place of your regular eyeliner. Depending on your eyeliner, switch between a felt tip eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner for precision. The Lakmé Absolute Precision Liner and the Lakmé Absolute Shine Line are two eyeliner formulas you can use to create the look.







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