Meghna Butani, Celebrity Makeup Artist Shows Us The Right Way To Strobe

Those Instagram-worthy selfies don’t come easy. That lit-from-within golden glow requires a fair share of elbow grease blending, blending, and then blending some more. If you’ve wondered how celebrities, models and influencers have that perfect, radiant skin… you’ve probably heard the words contouring and strobing thrown around loosely. But do you know what they really mean? In the modern day makeup lingo, strobing essentially means highlighting. Strobing is strategically highlighting and bringing forward your best features. Now whether those are your eyes, your cheekbones or your nose, get ready to glow!

We asked celebrity makeup artist Meghna Butani for some of her best tips and tricks on getting our glow on and here’s what she said:

“Strobing is highlighting certain areas of the face so the skin looks illuminated like it’s glowing from within. I usually look at the client's skin type before deciding whether I want to use a liquid or a powder illuminator. If you have oily skin, I recommend using a pore refiner or an oil control primer. This will ensure your makeup stays in place all day and your skin doesn’t look greasy. If you have dry skin, I recommend using a good moisturiser before applying your makeup so that your skin doesn’t look dry and flaky.”

So where should you be applying that highlighter?

All you need is a stippling brush and a great highlighter like Lakmé’s Absolute Highlighter in Moon Lit. Meghna recommends, strobing the centre of the forehead, along your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, on your cupids bow and on the tip of your nose. If you want to add some light to the rest of your body, apply highlighter to your collar bones and to your shoulders. This will really make sure you shine bright when the light hits you! I also go a tad lighter with my foundation on the same areas so when you strobe those areas pop a lot more since the tone below is lighter, she adds!

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