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These Are The Beauty Rules That Designer Shweta Kapur Follows Everyday

How Founder & Creative Director, 431-88, Shweta Kapur puts her best face forward.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Shweta Kapur’s motto transcends into her label and her minimalist beauty routine. An alumnus of the London School Of Fashion, she’s trained with some of the best names in the industry like Burberry, the illustrious Nitin Bal Chouhan, and Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. She believes in uncomplicating the fashion spectrum and believes inclusion to be her main selling point. Her label 431-88 is an uber chic amalgamation of comfort and high fashion.

Make-Up Talk

Minimalism is key she says, “My morning routine is set in stone: fresh aloe vera gel after washing my face, a vitamin c serum to help with the dullness that pollution brings, and then lots and lots of sunscreen. Post that a bit of concealer for my under eyes, Kohl, and a nude lipstick and if I feel like adding colour then a quick dab of a tinted lip balm is all it takes.”

Intriguing as it sounds, what’s the real reason behind such a quick makeup routine, “I am perpetually running late,” she adds in jest, “the no-make-up make-up look is my space. Max I’ll do is fill in my eyebrows and put eyeliner and kajal. When you’re always tardy, you gravitate to the easiest of the routines.”

Any disastrous make-up looks? “It was for a shoot ages back and I think the make-up artist was on some cosmic trip so she painted these weird silver lines all around my eyes and nose. I screamed when I saw the mirror. This could be another reason that I clenched my claws around my regular makeup routine.”

Skincare Secrets

When minimalism blends into a make-up routine you know that the skincare routine would be immaculate. She emphasises on one important habit, hydration, “Water. Lots and lots of it. You can’t go wrong with inculcating a habit to hydrate through the day. If you want to take it up to a greater degree add wheatgrass to your diet as it helps oxygenate the body which shows on your skin. Glorious skin stems from inner wellness and lifestyle changes that are imperative for a better life. Shweta endorses some pretty pivotal changes that could turn your wellness upon its head, “Sweat it out everyday. Nothing can beat the natural post-workout blush and that feeling of accomplishment that can only come after you have worked out. I’m a superfood fanatic so I’m always adding something or the other to my every day diet. These days it’s collagen, supplied by ghee (clarified homemade butter) in my morning cup of joe. It’s done wonders for my skin. I try avoiding dairy when I can as it’s something our body just doesn’t need. Again, I always have a bottle of water on me to hydrate as I go and also balance out the copious amounts of coffee I drink through the day.”

What’s In The Bag?

“I do not leave home without my sunscreen, concealer, and a nude lipstick. A special mention to my unhealthy attachment to my large hoop earrings. I feel underdressed if I don’t have big earrings on,” finally, something that doesn’t scream minimal.

“Finally, remember to smile. Trust me, it’s one accessory and weapon that could help you get away with murder.”

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