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Here's why a Primer needs to be the last step in your skincare regime

If beautiful glowing skin is the only item on your wish list, but instead you’re stuck with the woes of oily skin; you are not alone in your longing. If you think there’s something off about the way you’ve been putting on your makeup, think again. The angst you feel towards the sticky feel of makeup on oily skin will soon turn into a thing of the past. The Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Primer has arrived in grandiose style. Use it once and you’ll feel like you’ve got your very own magic lamp and genie. Rub, rub, rub…and watch your skin glow. 

The Secret Behind The Primer

This little tube of joy is a serious asset for oily skin. As a base on which makeup can be effortlessly stroked on, the Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Primer ensures that the makeup stays locked in and does not melt away, no matter how long the day or night. It also accentuates your makeup to provide it with a more professional looking feel and protects your skin from the inside.

Before you begin applying your makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin as always. Allow the moisturizer to seep in for a minute or two. Now, before you begin your makeup journey, bring out this little tube of primer. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand and all you need are clean fingertips to begin blending across your face. Once you have applied this enriching base all across your face, including the areas around your eyes, let your skin lie undisturbed for a minute. Watch the glow come alive. You are now safely ready to put on that makeup and make it last. 

The Lasting Effect of the Primer

Don’t be surprised if you feel like your makeup looks more glamorous than ever before. That is just the primer doing its job. The gel based effect of the primer does this to perfection. By creating a layer between the makeup and your skin, the primer will not allow the oiliness of the skin to destroy your beautification efforts. Makeup is enhanced in appearance through the smooth effect created by the gel that allows you to glide on products in a flawless fashion. 

Have you noticed that foundation can sometimes accentuate the appearance of pores on oily skin? It only gets worse under bright lights. This is immediately addressed through the primers distinguished pore reducing ability. Even if you look closely, you might have a tough time finding those pores. From the simplest occasions to the most lavish ones, the primer has something to offer for all. 

Apply the primer around the eyes and let your eyes do the talking like never before. Eye makeup is instantly brightened and that liner will stay set in a way you thought was previously impossible. 

The Mattifying Effect Of The Primer

If it’s what’s underneath that matters to you, you’re in for a delightful surprise. The primer is the one makeup product that is designed to offer skin care benefits that are both, impressive and addictive. Through its strategic placement between the makeup and your skin, it works as a shield to keep your pores free of clogging through makeup. The nourishing properties of the Vitamin E enriched  potion ensure that breakouts, spots and acne are kept at bay. Acne bumps are evened out, and the skin stays protected from all outside damage. It doesn’t end there. The oil absorbing power of this tube will control oil secretion from the skin for as long as you need it to. Your left with soft, even-looking skin that remains shine-free. 

Don’t let oily skin dampen your spirit. Use the primer and make the makeup last as long as you do. Consider it as that one skin precaution that will keep your skin healthy underneath and your makeup immaculately in place on the exterior. Gear up to receive more compliments than ever before. When it comes to endurance, no one can do it better than the primer. Go on partying, without the fear of your makeup melting. 

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