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Here’s why a Primer is a must-have makeup essential

With so many makeup products and tools around, we don’t blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to picking what is actually necessary and what isn’t. Do you really need to use a makeup sponge instead of a brush to blend? Is your makeup really going to run if you don’t use a setting spray? Today, we answer one such question - is primer really important? The answer is simple, YES! We tell you exactly why and how you need to use a primer to ensure smooth makeup application that will last you through rain or shine.

What Is A Primer? 
A primer is somewhat like a magic wand for your makeup that makes it much more long-lasting, while also creating a smooth surface on your skin for seamless application. Aside from increasing the longevity of your carefully applied makeup, a primer will also even out the skin tone and blur out the appearance of visible pores while also creating a layer between the skin and your makeup. This helps protect it from your makeup clogging your pores and drying out your skin. It’s no wonder that makeup experts and aficionados can’t do without a good primer in their makeup arsenal.

How To Apply Primer
We don’t need to tell you twice how important it is to prep your skin before applying your makeup. This means cleansing and following it up with a light moisturizer because makeup and dry skin is never a good combination. Now that your skin is prepped, it’s time to bust out your new beauty BFF, your primer of course! We suggest the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer, it is waterproof and has a smooth texture that blends into your skin like a dream. Just take a small amount on the back of your hand and apply it on your face with your fingertips, blending from your nose outwards. That’s it! Your skin will look visibly healthier and pores, fine lines and redness won’t be as prominent. Now you’re ready to ace your base!

Now that you know what a primer does and the right way to apply it, we tell you all the benefits of using one.

1. Your Eyeshadow Will Pop!

If you really want to up your eyeshadow game, using a primer on your eyes is a must. It will even out your eyelid for smoother application and blending of your favourite shade and will make the colour look more vibrant than it otherwise would. Plus, it’ll ensure that your flawless eye makeup look stays on-point all day long.

2. No More Creasing

If you’re a girl who wears a lot of eye makeup or even uses a bit of concealer in the under-eye area, then you know that your makeup creasing in these areas is a common issue that is absolutely the worst. This is where the magic of a good primer comes in, it will make the difference between a good makeup look and creased eyeshadow, which is something none of us need.

3. You Won’t Need Photoshop To Look Airbrushed

If you feel like your foundation isn’t doing enough, a primer is definitely something that you need. It will give your skin a smooth and blurred effect while also prolonging the wear of your foundation.

4. Rock The No-Makeup Look

Since a primer is such a multi-tasking wonder that helps smooth the skin’s surface, blurs out imperfections and even reduces redness, you can even wear it on its own. It’s perfect for a no-makeup day when you don’t want to apply layers of makeup, just a few drops of primer and you and your skin are ready to go!

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