Forget Monochrome Dressing, You Should Wear Monochrome Makeup

Monochrome is probably one of the easiest makeup trends you can and would want to master. The all-matchy makeup trend involves applying the same colour on your lips, eyelids and cheeks. It’s been a rage on and off the runway because it flatters all skin tones and complements every outfit. Rihanna, Priyanka, Janhvi, Gigi and Kareena have been rocking the red carpet with perfectly coordinated faces. It’s time we call out this trend for what it actually is: A lazy woman's secret weapon. It's a great way to look pretty and poised without trying too hard. A monotone look is pretty easy to pull off and won’t take a village to master. Pick one multi-tasking product like the Lakmé 9to5 Lip And Cheek Tint; that won’t break the bank but will definitely break the clutter in your bag. You can leave the house with just your phone and your lipstick and still keep it classy.

Here’s how you can get the look:

Lips: Add a sheer wash of colour to your lips using your fingers, you want to aim for a subtle stain.
Cheeks: Dot some tint across your cheekbones and blend it out using your fingers. Start with a little and build up the intensity.
Lids: Use an eyeshadow brush blend the colour across your eyelids. If you’re trying to create an ombre eye, build up the intensity of the product on the outer perimeters of your eyelid. Create a ‘V’ on the outer corner of your eyes and blend away the harsh lines. Alternatively, you could keep it simple and create a classic winged eyeliner using a fine liner brush.

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