Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Lipsticks

There’s something really glamorous about liquid lipsticks, they dial up your look in an instant. This year we’ve seen some startling new colours in liquid lipsticks that are ruling the runways around the world. And why wouldn’t they? Easier to apply, highly pigmented, and thanks to the variety of formulas, they are now more long-lasting than ever. The new creamy matte formulas are creating a special buzz among beauty editors, too.


So, here are some life-changing facts about liquid lipsticks that will inspire you to make them your first choice:


1. One Coat Is All You Need

Liquid lipsticks require only one coat. How? They contain larger portions of pigment powder compared to a regular lipstick, which lends them a bold colour pay-off.


2. They (Now) Feel Like Lip Balms

Liquid lipsticks, especially those that used to come in a matte formula, would dry out your lips in the past. Not anymore though. The Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colors deliver a smooth, suede-like finish thanks to their weightless formula. Plus, they’re enriched with the goodness of argan oil, which ensures that they glide-on and hydrate your lips just like a lip balm.



3. Perfect For Fuller Looking Lips

The wand of a liquid lipstick is easy to use, and makes for easy application too. If you don’t have a matching lip liner, you can simply use the tip of the wand to outline your natural lip line, and fill it in after. For precise application, apply the liquid lipstick on your lower lip first, starting from the centre moving towards the corners, and then fill in the top lip.

4. Truly ‘Long’ Lasting

Another benefit of the pigment overload is that the colour seems to last forever. There’s no hassle of rushing to the washroom to re-apply the lipstick. In fact, matte formulas, compared to glossy ones, have stronger staying power.


5. They’re Non-Transferable

A matte liquid lipstick is non-transferable, which is one of the reasons why they’re more popular than ever. Whether you’re wiping your face after you’ve had something to eat or gently splashing water, a liquid matte lipstick just won’t budge.

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