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5 Occasions When You Absolutely Need a Primer

Before we say anything else, let’s just lay out the ground rule. A good primer is a must-have makeup product. No exceptions. In an ideal world, it would be a regular feature, even on a minimalistic makeup day. For those of you, however, who think of it as an unnecessary prep step to makeup, you might change your mind after you try it. The best way to test primer power is by using it on those heavy events to see if it can carry the burden. If it emerges a winner, you know it’s a keeper. Here are 5 occasions when a primer is non-negotiable. 

1. Indian Festive

The festive season has arrived in grandiose style. Late nights, delicious sweets, ethnic ensembles and the party goes on. The biggest of them all, the festival of lights is literally an abundance of lights. As much as they complement the ambience of the party, they can be disastrous for your skin. Who’s the savior? The right primer used the right way. The promise of long-lasting makeup is heavily dependent on this one all-important tube. Beyond that, it accentuates the effect of the makeup on your skin, specially under bright lights.  Even a good foundation can turn cakey and patchy under strong lights, sometimes emphasizing flaws rather than hiding them. When the primer is used as the base of the foundation, this problem no longer exists. Fine lines and wrinkles are equally well disguised and the foundation will smoothly glide on to display smooth and radiating skin. Let the festivities continue in full swing with your makeup being insured like never before. 

2. AM to PM

Looking to transition from naturally glamourous in the day to a stunning diva by night? When you want to jump from the minimalistic tinted moisturizer and mascara routine to an animated pout and dark eyes look, the fastest way to get there and stay there is the primer. Considering the hours that your keeping the makeup on, this product is as critical as can be. No need to go through the hassle of redoing your entire makeup. As the sun sets and your look needs to evolve, all you need is the additional splash of color. The base of the primer is set to stay, keeping your makeup intact on the outside and your skin nourished under the covers. No matter how late you wait, your safe with the primer. Seamlessly changeover from simple to sizzling, from AM to PM with ease and glamour. 

3. Work Wear

This is your everyday look, albeit with a few tweaks here and there. Whether you wear your makeup bold or understated, most of us need it to stay on for eight hours or more. Think of that burden on your skin. Work wear makeup has to lug it out through the morning hours, rushed lunches, board meetings and more. A primer is an absolute necessity during this time. Keeping your look unimpaired is only the tip of the iceberg. The real miracle of the primer lies in its ability to absorb excess oil from the skin and keep you shine-free through the day. If your one who needs to add moisture to dry skin, the primer is once again at the rescue. It keeps your skin hydrated through the long hours and ensures minimal damage cause by makeup clogging pores. You may feel tired at the end of your work day, but your face will show otherwise. 

4. Brunch Binging

Looking forward to that Sunday brunch? Your attire is chosen, but have you considered the obvious? If its outdoors, you’re looking at the possibility of the sun melting away your makeup. Indoor brunch is no easier. You may sweat less but the light is bright and that means your skin is under the radar. A foundation, ironically, enhances the appearance of even small pores, fine lines and wrinkles and the bright lights work as a magnifying glass. Worried? Don’t be. Use a primer and seal those pores. Use a primer and conceal those wrinkles and fine lines. There’re more to this tube that the ability to make makeup last longer. It creates a smooth canvas that makes your skin look flawless, no matter how bright the light.

5. Weddings Galore

The wedding season has begun. Gorgeous jewelry and breathtaking apparels are in full bloom. You may be the bridesmaid, a relative, a friend, or even a social acquaintance, but you’re going to catch eyeballs nonetheless. Let’s face it. Part of the charm of weddings is checking out who’s wearing what. The one thing you don’t want is the attention of onlookers moving away from your ensemble to your dwindling makeup. It would be sheer injustice for all that effort that goes into wedding looks to go to waste. Make it last with the right primer. Let the photographs dazzle with your charisma as your flaws are camouflaged and your skin radiates through and through. All thanks to the humble primer. Ace your base with it and you’re good to go. It can really do wonders to making your finished look last.

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