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5 Moments When a Foundation is Absolutely Essential

Whoever said one was enough. In a world where we’re spoiled for choices, why keep foundation limited to just the one. A multitude of options, each one offering a different glam quotient, foundation does not need to be singular item on that makeup stand. Ranging from glossy nights to day trips, travel essentials to pocket friendly purchases, different foundations offer different benefits. Your look can change and so can your mind. 

To keep you up-to-speed with all you need, here is our guide to the right foundation for those specific needs and once you get used to the variety, there’s no looking back.

1. When You Want to Party

We’re assuming this one is going to be used frequently. The festive season has kicked in, wedding invitations are beginning to trickle in and you need the coverage required for those bright lights. Dramatic occasions require dramatic looks. Your foundation is no exception to this rule. Embrace the glamorous look that comes with Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation. It’s your perfect partner for a night out and we promise, you won’t feel let down. Glow with a natural radiance and brace yourself for the compliments that come with its dewy finish. It’s stubborn hold will keep you looking intact from the word go, through the glittering pictures and right up to the end of the night. The Argan oil only furthers its appeal by hydrating your skin while you party the night away.

2. When It’s Just Another Day

Sometimes all you want is a fuss-free look that works to compliment the jeans and tee you’re wearing to run errands. You want to glow, but not in an obvious and dramatic makeup way. The right product will last through the hours, but offer the right amount of subtlety. For a feel-good factor that provides illuminating properties and enhances radiance, opt for the Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mouse. Just as the name suggests, this is as natural as it gets. This feather-light product has the ability to make you look like your makeup-free and you might as well forget when you look in the mirror and notice it’s matte-effect.  Shine-free, even skin and a velvety texture, this one is a keeper.

3. When You Want To Keep It Light

It’s a day that involves travelling and all you want is to look your best without the additional burden of blending and touch-ups. The last thing you need is a liquid foundation spilling over into your travel bag. Worse, you end up looking cakey from the high coverage and end up with the opposite result from what you expected. Always put on a primer when travelling to safeguard your skin from damage and keep your makeup in place. This should be followed up with a powdered foundation. Now what if we told you there is one product that can do both jobs. The Lakme 9to5 Matte Primer + Powder Foundation is light on your skin and in your bag, with no chance of a mess, the mattifying effect of the powder will keep you feeling alluring and shine-free. Not to mention, the primer will nourish within and hold the makeup on the outside. This combination is almost always all that you will need through every kind of travel.

4. When It’s Another Long Day At Work

Extended day at work? You may be feeling tired, but we’ve got a way to make sure you look refreshed and radiant, no matter how late you stay at work. This is your morning routine before you go to work and it has to be worth the effort. Long lasting with the right amount of coverage, it is essential that this foundation should match your skin tone flawlessly. The hunt is over. For healthy and natural-looking skin, accentuated with unrelenting comfort, the Lakme 9to5 primer + matte perfect cover foundation is here. The SPF, embedded into this product, is a bonus for those of you who have to step out of the office frequently. Pores are minimized, your skin feels light, this one is just right.

5. When You Want Something Pocket Friendly

We all have our first world problems and this one, is just one of them. If foundation is among your other countless purchases for the present, you need something that does the job well, but does it without plunging a hole in your wallet. Lakme 9to5 Weightless Mousse Foundation to the rescue. Embedded with all the essentials, this compact offers an oil-free, even toned and naturally healthy look. To take it up a notch, it has an exclusive Vitamin E formula to pamper you on the go. When you add all this to its price point, this one really is a no brainer. Be rest assured that its addictive effect will keep it consistently popping up on your shopping list.  

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Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation ₹575 Sale price 6 shades
Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse Regular price ₹750 9 shades
Lakmé 9to5 Weightless Mousse Foundation Regular price ₹550 12 shades
ivory-cream ivory-cream

Rs. 75

Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation ₹750 Sale price ₹675 10 shades
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