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3 Ways To Tweak The Classic Black Eyeliner

Amongst all the dramatic and exaggerated beauty looks that make for the spectacle we experience on the runway at LFW there lie the most fundamental allies. The staple eyeliner that was ubiquitous throughout the fashion week got some really inventive treatment that took it from basic to imaginative. It’s time for you to give it a go with just a little help from Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Line  Here’s what you need to try. 


Make it twice as nice with the tribal inspired liner trick as seen at Archana Rao Label. Draw the liner along the upper and lower lash lines extended all the way and beyond the outer corner of the eye in parallel strokes. 


The most usual yet effective trick of the trade when it comes to liner is the winged application. Start from the inner corner of the eye tracing along the upper lash line and flick right under the outer end of the brow bone. 


A small but notable moment came about in the form of reinterpreted cat eye at Fashion Week. Flick your liner at the inner corner of the eye along with the usual outer corner definition to add another dimension. This little trick goes a long way to define your eyes. 

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