The French Manicure You Should Wear Since It’s 2018

Waking up every morning and thinking about what to wear can get a little monotonous if your workplace has a formal dress code. Wardrobe choices and personal grooming standards vary for different profiles. Keeping that balance in place; between what is acceptable at work and what looks good when you’re out-of-office can get a little challenging. Between blazers, handshakes, presentations, and cocktails your hands are the first thing that anybody would notice. Manicures can be a great way to bring a little personal style and a touch of glamour to a formal workplace. A manicure that’s easy on the eyes and easy to maintain.

How do you decide whether your manicure is work appropriate or not? Stay closer to a minimalistic colour palette if you don’t want it to draw too much attention at business meetings. Opt for neutral colours, pastels, and hues of brown. A little shimmer, a slight peek of a rhinestone or one single accent nail will ensure that your nails can easily transition from work to after-work mode.

Stick to something simple like a french manicure. It’s a safe choice. If you want to take it up a notch then an ombré french manicure is a modern twist on this corporate-friendly classic. This manicure can be recreated in any shade and looks stylish with minimal effort.

Here’s how you can recreate it:

Pick A Base

Paint your nails with a base colour like a pinky nude or a beige. The Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish in Pink Champagne is a pretty pastel pink that works well. Apply two coats.


Create The Ombré Effect

To create the ombré, use a lighter shade of the same colour, or a shimmer polish. Take a sponge or a make-up wedge and generously apply the lighter shade on the edge of the sponge. Remember, you want to focus the colour on the tip of your nail so brush on the pigment to the sponge accordingly. Dab it on until you have the desired effect and repeat the same for all your nails.


Finishing Touches

Apply the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish Top Coat to give your nails that high-shine, gel manicure finish. Not only will this add a glossy look to your nails, it will seal the manicure in and ensure it lasts longer.


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