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How To Ace The Dewy Skin Look

What’s a better assurance of a popular makeup look than when we witness it straight on the ramp. The dewy skin is outstandingly popular and ahead of the curve, topping the charts of beauty looks. Effortless and natural, the dewy skin look is really just off the hook. Here is our simple guide on how to make it always glow.

Step 1 – Cleanse and Moisturize

Before all else, use a gentle cleanser and your favourite moisturizer to set the canvas for some beautiful art work. Natural-looking glowing skin will not just be a makeup hack when this step is done right. 

Step 2 – Pat on the Primer

This is the ground rule. A good primer is a must-have makeup product. No exceptions. In an ideal world, it would be a regular feature, even on a minimalistic makeup day. LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE BLUR PERFECT PRIMER will ensure your dew stays on, no matter how rough the day. 

Step 3 – High Definition Coverage

Once the primer is set in, pamper your skin with LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE ARGAN OIL SERUM FOUNDATION. The Argan oil component will created an all-rounded dewy feel that exuberates radiance. Blend this in all over. 

Step 4 – Highlight with Style

Now, get your angled brush ready and swipe along the LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE ILLUMINATING SHIMMER BRICK for a silky and luminous outcome around your cheekbones and the crease of your eyes. There are four shades and we recommend using the nude colours for this particular look. Glide on your favourite lip shade. 

Step Out and Glow Away!

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