Multi-Tasking Beauty: 5 Ways To Use A Highlighter

If there’s one trend you can easily take from runway to real-life it would be dewy, glowing skin. But how do us common folk get that ethereal supermodel like glow? The secret is highlighter! A little bit of this humble makeup product can give you that lit-from-within, envious skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Wondering where to use a highlighter?

You should be using a highlighter on any areas where the light would naturally hit your skin.These areas are called the highpoints of your face.

● On your cheekbones
● Along the bridge and on the tip of your nose
● Under your brow bone
● In the inner corner of your eyes
● On your cupid’s bow
● On your chin
● On the sides of your forehead

But if you thought that you could only use a highlighter to add some glow to these highpoints of your face, we have proof that your powder highlighter can multitask better than you! Here are 5 unexpected ways you can use your powder highlight to take your glow game to the next level.

For Dazzling Eyes

This is pretty straight-forward. Use your highlighter as an eyeshadow for a quick and easy eye
makeup look and your eyes will be all set to dazzle. Apply the lighter shade of the Lakmé Absolute
Highlighter in Moon-Lit to the inner corner of your eyes. Use the darker bronze shade along the outer
V of your eyes and you’re all set to wow.

For Glimmering Lips

Metallic lipsticks and metallic lip glosses are all the rage in the beauty industry lately. If you’re
curious to know what a metallic lipstick would look like on you, dab a little bit of highlighter on top of
any lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm to create your very own DIY metallic lipstick. And if you want to
make your lips look fuller, just add a little bit of highlighter on the centre of your lips and on your
cupid’s bow - this is one secret hack that will take you a long way.

For Glowy Cheeks

A swipe of highlighter along your cheeks can make your skin look fresh and dewy. Apply a little
highlighter over any matte blush to give your cheeks that healthy, luminous glow. However, you might want to give glowy cheeks a miss if you have problematic skin. The highlighter may
accentuate textured skin.


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For An All-Over-Glow

Want that all-over-glow but don’t want to buy a liquid highlighter? Just use your powder highlighter! Scrape off some powder highlight onto the palm of your hand. Add a dollop of moisturiser or foundation and mix it together. Apply this to your face and you’ve just given yourself that runway glow.

For Head-To-Toe Luminous Skin

Have you ever noticed how every supermodel seems to have glowing skin head-to-toe? That’s the magic of highlighter. Use your highlighter strategically on areas like your collarbones, shoulders, shoulder blades and shins. Mix a little bit of powder highlight in with your body moisturiser or body oil to illuminate and bronze up your body. To give your legs that extra POP, use a powder brush and sweep some highlighter along your shins. This will elongate your legs and make them look irresistibly-glowy and slimmer.

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