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How to make your party makeup last all night

It’s that time of the year when our weekends are full with party plans, boozy brunches and the weekdays linger into the party after hours. Festive wear comes to the front of our closets and makeup is no longer restricted to simple and minimal. As you prepare to launch forward into the festive season and start planning your wardrobe choices and looks, we are here to ensure that you look your best, not only at the beginning of the day or night, but right up until the time you get back home. No matter how extended the hours of wining and dining, here is our secret to making you look fresh and set until the end.

Let’s be real! Our weather is disastrous and even the most promising long-lasting makeup can’t keep up with it. The humidity, the dancing, the delectable food, and the incredibly yummy drinks only add to makeup woes. Nonetheless, we will not allow the effort you put into your makeup to go to waste. That’s exactly why, before you splurge on anything else, you have to ensure that this one thing is safely placed at the front of your dresser.

Primer To Stay In Your Prime

If your first thought is that this is just an extra and unnecessary prepping tool, think again. Your face will thank you at 2pm, then again at 8pm and once more at midnight. As the festivities heighten and the party lingers on, the primer will make sure you look like you just got in. Your complexion tells your story and a good primer will ensure it’s a good story to tell. From covering up blemishes and pigmentation, to concealing tired eyes, the primer can be your savior all through the night.

It’s not only superficial. The right primer works under the layer to keep your skin feeling plump by providing essential hydration to your skin, as it keeps the makeup right on spot on the outside. Don’t be surprised if your touch up trips to the ladies room are suddenly at a minimal. Makeup stays put, and your skin protected. Oily skin is kept sheen free by controlling sebum, dry skin is likewise kept moisturized and pores are blurred and minimized.

Makeup Without Looking Made Up

During the festive season, be prepared to be coping with bright lights during the night and day events that are frequently outdoors. The sunlight is no friend of your skin and the primer turns essential here in protection. Even if the event is indoors, the festival of lights brings with it the obvious, lots of light. Your foundation, when bereft of a primer, can turn to start looking cakey and patchy and we just won’t have it. Ensure that you use the primer around the delicate area of your eyes, which will go a long way in avoiding fine lines and crow’s feet from looking exaggerated by the foundation.

Prepping is Key

The importance of prepping right can never be stated enough. Give your face time and your skin will return the favor by keeping your makeup in place for as long as you want it to. Start with the basic ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Give the moisturizer a whole minute to seep into your skin. Now it’s time to bring out the primer. Squeeze a raisin-sized amount onto the back of your palm and start blending from the nose to the outside of your face. Use a sponge-like brush to get to the tricky areas around the eyes. After the primer is applied, allow the skin another whole minute to let the primer settle and prepare for the oncoming foundation. There you have it! Start right and you’ll last through the night!

The Final Touch

Once you have completed your look for the night, pick up a dusting powder and lightly apply across areas where the makeup is prone to slip away, such as under the eyes, between the nose and lips, chin, and cheekbones. A setting spray does the job well too. This final touch will assist the primer and create an outer protection layer. Always remember that a matte lipstick will last longer than the glossy ones. Make your choice wisely.

Don’t let your pictures from the event tell a different tale from the one you saw in the mirror before heading out. The smoky eyes, pouted plump, and radiating skin deserve to last as long as you. Sign up for the primer and don’t allow anyone to rush you through the process. Make an impression and make a lasting one.

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