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 Here’s why every woman needs a primer

Yes, you’ve seen a makeup primer several times on the shelf of makeup stores. Makeup brands have been displaying this product for some time now. What is this little tube? What does it really do? Do I need it?  It’s now time that we disclose the truth behind this mysterious, yet extremely powerful tool that’s one purchase away for you. It is a makeup base product, but what does that mean and how can you use it? Here lies the answer to this and more. 

Step 1 – Knowing is Believing
Yes! You, like many others, have been wondering what exactly this product is. This is where the questions end and the discovery begins. Just as the name suggests, a primer is a preparation product. It prepares your skin for the makeup application process. The primer is the base on which you can create makeup art in a flawless and resplendent manner. Consider it the magic filter that brings out glorious and impeccable skin. Within the skin, the primer works both ways to hydrate, mattify, blur, and illumine. 


Step 2 – Prepare for the Primer
Once the face is cleansed, toned and moisturized, it is the primer’s turn to work its magic. A pea-size amount is all you need. Squeeze it onto the back of your hand and begin blending across the face working from the nose in an outward fashion. Don’t neglect the area around your eyes. For easier blending in tricky spots, use a clean sponge-like brush and blend away. After the primer is blended in, leave the skin to rest for a whole minute. You will now witness resplendence all across your face and the perfect base to begin makeup application.

Step 3 – The Prime Factor
The distinct advantage of a makeup primer is that it will make your makeup last as long as you need it to. If you are among those who feel like something is lacking, even after a painstakingly perfect process of makeup application, then the primer is just what you need. The overall look is enhanced with an immaculate skin tone as your foundation glides on seamlessly like never before. Issues, such as uneven skin tone, an oily T-zone, fine lines and pores being exaggerated by the foundation application, etc. will all turn into a thing of the past.

Step 4 – Beauty Inside Out
There’s more! Unlike any other makeup product, the primer is one that really cares about beauty on the inside too. It nourishes dry skin with hydrating properties, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through anti-aging properties, protects from clogged pores by creating a barrier between the skin and makeup, reduces oil production in oily skin, and restricts environmental damage by blocking UV rays. The glow is real. 

Step 5 – Application is Key
There’s only one thumb rule. The makeup primer comes after skincare and before makeup. Finish cleansing, toning and moisturizing, apply the primer and then put on makeup. Clean fingers are the best tool for application as they blend the primer in an ideal fashion, as opposed to a makeup brush that hampers ideal absorption. The fingertips ensure that the primer is spread evenly and is not gathered in a certain area. Use sparingly and follow the ‘less is more’ motto. Dry skin needs a tad bit more than oily skin, as the former will absorb more than the latter. A deep scar, bigger pore, or obvious wrinkle might need a little special attention, by using a pumpkin seed size and dabbing it in a patting style. 

Step 6 – Avoid the Puddles…Literally
First things first. Give your primer a whole minute to work independently on your skin before you bring on the heavy duty stuff. Applying makeup too soon after the primer will cause patchiness and negate the effect of the primer entirely. Your best clue is to check if your skin feels perfectly dry before starting out with makeup. Finally, ensure that the primer is blended well all across your face and tricky spots are addressed. 



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