5 Ways You Can Use Your Lip Gloss

At first glance, it’s hard to look away from a glossy lip. The iridescent sheen is beautiful, to say the least. Which is why the glossy lip has our seal of approval, attention and some of our money. However, sporting the trend means constantly reapplying gloss during the day. Guilty of slipping into a matte lip everyday, we found five creative ways you can repurpose that tube of gloss sitting on your lipstick shelf.



Use the gloss as a lip topper over any lipstick. Use a lip liner to outline and define your lips, fill them in with lipstick, and then add gloss on top. It will make your lips look plush. If your lipstick is a liquid, a little lip gloss will add some shine to it, smooth out any lines, and make your lips look fuller. Try the Lakmé Lip Gloss in Vanilla that has iridescent shimmer that will give your lips shine and dimension.



On a day when you don’t feel like putting on any make-up, dewy skin and a lip gloss is enough. A sheer gloss is perfect if you have naturally plump lips. A lightly tinted gloss like the Lakmé Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss in Rose Shine will add colour to your lips. Lip gloss and mascara is a quick cheat to look fresh and youthful on a make-up free day.



Glossy, almost reflective lids are a popular trend on and off runways right now. If you want an all over glossy glow, try glossy lips and lids. Dab a little bit of your lip gloss over your eyeshadow for quick and easy glossy lids.



You can use clear gloss as a makeshift highlighter. Dab some along your cheekbones and brow bone to get natural-looking dewy skin. Remember to use the gloss sparingly since you don’t want your hair to get stuck on your cheeks.



Use an eyebrow spoolie or a mascara wand with a little bit of lip gloss to tame and set your eyebrows. Brush the gloss through your brows and you’ll see that it works almost exactly like an eyebrow gel. If you think filling in your brows with a coloured eye shadow or brow palette looks fake, this trick is subtle, natural, and really easy.


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